Who We Are

Eurospects is a scouting service and website established in 2017 which targets to be the industry leader on European market. Our team covers in person every major youth basketball competition all over the continent. We find the right balance between providing tons of media coverage avaiable for basketball fans and keeping exclusive content for our clients. Our team is multilingual and already possess notable experience in basketball business. Thanks to our wide network which makes us #1 source of information about European prospects multiple High major and Mid major schools which recruit internationally trusted us and became our subscribers.

Eurospects Team:

Bronislaw Wawrzynczuk – Chief Executive Officer


Born on August 16, 1990 in Wroclaw, Poland where he completed degree in Sports Management. Fell in love with the game at the very young age after supporting local team in European competitions and ended up playing in Polish 2nd Division by himself. The pursuit of career in basketball operations eventually led him to become the Director of Scouting in New Basketball Generation. As he gained the experience and built his own network, decided to open „Eurospects” service which targets to become #1 source for European prospects. Beside providing reports and intels for executives on various levels of competition he keeps all the fans updated during every major youth competition around the Europe.

Gokberk Yenitepe – Director of Scouting


Born on 24 May, 1996 in Istanbul, Turkey. Still a student at Boğaziçi University, studying Political Science and International Relations. Have played at many teams at youth levels, chose to focus on education after picking up ACL injury. Started to write his own blog about
basketball at first in 2014 and created the Turkish Prospects twitter account. After also contributing to respectable online media sources like Yarisaha Basket and Trendbasket.net, followed his passion for youth basketball and tried to become a respectable scout ever since. Was a collaborator for Eurohopes for one and a half year, now serves as the Director of Scouting at Eurospects. Looks forward to extend his already vast network. Provides the Eurospects with reports, recaps and special stories. Your #1 source on Turkish youth basketball.

Eric Gargallo – Scout


Born on August 13, 1998, in Badalona, Catalonia, Spain. Actually studying Management – Business’ Sciences. Played basketball since 5 years old but had to stop due to an injury.

Since 14 years old he’s involved in basketball organizations like BlogdelBressol and really well hooked into scouting’s environment in Catalonia, currently expanding his network and knowledge for other Spanish regions and getting into international scouting community.