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Kristian Sjolund

Height: 206cm – 6’9’’
Born: 10.09.1999
Nationality: Norway
Position: Forward
Current team: Georgia Tech

Of 1999 Generation

  • great size for a 3-man
  • possess sweet stroke with quick feet set and release
  • joyful to watch. Makes some highlight reel type of plays
  • tremendous scoring instincts. Can punish the defense with his shooting ability, make dunks or fancy lay ups
  • attacks close outs very well – cannot be leaved wide opened and moreover has really long strides
  • mastered nice step back move to create separation off the dribble
  • makes good extra passes. Not the best in this regard yet but seems to like creating for others 
  • frame is acceptable but far from being filled out
  • good athlete with solid bounce but not a great one by US standards. Especially could be quicker
  • decision making and shot selection
  • handles are ok but not tight yet
  • right hand heavy as a finisher 
Sjolund could be considered clear cut high major prospect but surprisingly he is not as heavily recruited as other peers on his level. Norway is a basketball backwater but he was able to develop tremendous skillset during the time he spent at high school in Houston where he moved with family at the age of 13. Kristian is an energetic player who scores in variety of ways. He is definitely a must follow considering that he seems to be a bit undermature physically and still has room for improvement as far as ball skills.