Eurospects had a chance to sit down and talk with German Hoop Phenom – Isaac Bonga. We discussed his journey to establish himself as a legitimate NBA Draft lottery pick and future plans:


To somebody who hasn’t seen you play before, how would you describe your game to them?

I would say I’m the type of player, who wants to create opportunities for his team-mates. I try to get them into a position, to score easy points with a kick or a drive. And I am a really good open court player. When I have some space, I feel like nobody can stop me.

Who has been the most difficult opponent you have faced?

That’s a good question. I think it was Yves Pons. We played in the Champions League against each other. He’s French and born 1999 and looked to me as a very physical guy and also like a good defender.

How has your experience at FRAPORT SKYLINERS been?

Oh – really really good. It’s a very nice club that helps me everywhere. Also all the guys here are nice and I think that my game has improved and also will improve a lot here in Frankfurt. Great coaches, great facilities, all I can ask for.

What’s been the biggest basketball moment of your career?

I guess the “Basketball without borders camp” in New Orleans, where I have met all the NBA guys. I could talk to them and exchange experiences. Also of course to watch the Slam Dunk contest and to see all these big stars like LeBron (James) or Kawhi (Leonard).

Where do you see yourself in five years from now?

I see myself as an established player in the NBA that is able to lead a team and also can score.

How did you feel after record your first triple double?

Laughs – It was something special to achieve this for the first time in the German-league, but of course I want to continue and improve my game, so I can bring more triple doubles for my team.

At what age did you realize basketball was something you want to pursue?

It was actually at the first national-team training-camp. I was around thirteen years old and at that moment I realized that I can be very good at the game that I love.

Do you feel like you have anything to prove playing in this game?

I want to prove, that my shot is steady and that my team can rely on me when they need me.

Is there anybody you model your game after?

Not really, I want to go my own way and establish myself as a role model. But maybe someone like Giannis Antetokounmpo from the Milwaukee Bucks. I like to see him play.

What do you want to add or improve on?

My post-up game, which I nearly never use. Also my footwork can be a lot quicker and my shot from the 3-point-line has to be more consistence.

What is your plan for the next season?

I want to get a lot of game time in the first-team [Bundesliga], so I can improve individually. And that’s why I want to work hard in the summer to get better and better.


Interview made by JC Ruiz