ROKAS JOKUBAITIS (PG, 2000, Lithuania, Zalgiris Kaunas).

HEIGHT: 193 cm

WEIGHT: 88 kg



Good frame with a very solid and compact upper body which offensively enables him to absorb physical contacts quite well and defensively to put pressure on the ball and to get through screens with efficiency. Good size. More athletic than explosive, he owns a notable motor: remarkable running ability, speed open court athlete, good endurance. Nice footwork, but still improvable.


Very creative, skilled guard who possesses natural instinct to pass the ball. Lefty crafty passer and generally very good court vision. He is an efficient pick and roll’s player. Shows great timing by being able to go around hedge, finding the roller and  hitting the weakside corner as well with his left hand punishing the defensive rotations. Can pass over the top. Also able to push the stop button to read the defense and pass the ball. Head and eyes up. Good decision maker. Unselfish player with advanced IQ.

He pushes the pace in transition by whipping the ball and knowing the lanes to attack. He feels comfortable in open court: fast, smooth and capable at passing on the move. Knows how to read defense also in these situations. Decent athlete.

Maybe not the best in terms of explosiveness, but he owns a nice first step to beat defender in 1 on 1 and is strong physically to go through contacts. Likes to make a hesitation move before attacking. Can change his speed while driving. Good use of weak hand. Can drive and dish.

Solid mid-range shooter, going right and left as well. Very efficient at catching and shooting the ball behind the arc. Improved as shot creator, having much more confidence and showing a better shooting form compared to the past. Smooth and balanced. Soft touch.

He knows how to attack close-outs: ready hands to receive the ball and consequently read the defender’s position.

Able to attack the defensive switches, finishing also with the right hand. Has touch around the rim and can finish in different ways. Can perform soft floaters, too.

Very nice off the ball player: good cutter, intelligent at figuring out the timing to make the best possible cut. Always ready to play offering the right spacing and clear passing lanes on the floor.

Notable defensive attitude. Can apply pressure on the ball with a very competent defensive technique: always the right stance with nice footwork and quick hands. Great awareness about off the ball defense thanks to his fundamentals. He is active with his hands to make deflections or anticipations, working on the passing lanes. Can do energetic, hustle plays. Fights also when he is not involved in a good match-up.


He possesses an ok ball-handling, but has to develop it and to mix up different moves in order to become less predictable.

Sometimes he exaggerates dribbling when he runs a pick and roll, looses the correct timing to make the decision and is double-teamed with high risk of turnovers.

Needs to get better in regards to finishing in the traffic: he is able to absorb the contacts quite well, but still not enough for the maximum level. Has room for improvement about that.

Improved, but still not a great shot creator. A lot of his attempts are catch and shoot based situations.

Despite improving consistently his shooting stroke, sometimes he doesn’t have great balance while pulling up for a jumper, going a little bit backwards and loosing efficiency. But anyway always shows a truly nice follow-trough.

He gained self-confidence, but still he can do an other mental step in order to increase the trust in his tools.

Defensively he should still improve his footwork: has great stance and abnegation, but he may have some issues when he has to guard really quick and explosive players. Not elite athlete.


Amazing character. He goes through physical contacts fearlessly. Knows how to lead a team, generates advantages for his teammates due to his creativity. Maybe he should believe more in his individual potential. Team player, unselfish. Incredibly smart, brainy guy with elite IQ. The lucidity and the comprehension of the game are advanced for his age. Able to take responsibilities also in crucial moments of the game. Great desire to learn and get better. Has potential to be an elite euro guard Diamantidis style.