Munich AdidasNGT: Top Prospects

Fedor Žugić (SG | 198 cm | ‘03) ~ Stellazzurra Rome

Even though he is a player from Budučnost and was on loan for Stella Azzura only for this tournament, Žugić showed his scoring mentality once again. He wasn’t afraid to take responsibility in offense, showed a lot of confidence in his shots and was one of the best scorers of the tournament with 18.3 points per game. Aggressive slasher and confident shooter – was shooting 12/25 for three (48,0%) during the four games. Got some minutes as a playmaker and primary ball handler too but this is not the role suited for him. His handles and court vision are still pretty limited. On the defensive end he showed some toughness but gambled too much with steal attempts and also made some bad reads on closeouts. 

Abramo Canka (SF/SG | 199 cm | ‘02) ~ Stellazzurra Rome

Canka was having a great all around tournament with 16.8 ppg, 4.3 rpg, 4.3 apg and also averaged 2.3 steals per game. He was very active on the defensive end – aggressive on ball defense, always in the passing lanes and showed some good instincts for steals. He is a versatile defender that could cover anyone on the backcourt positions. Even though he was the second best scorer from Stellazzura, his offensive game still isn’t on the highest level. Most of the points came around the rim and in transition and needs to improve his shot from distance. Also his decision making and shot selection is questionable sometimes. But he has the athletic tools to be a really great defender and dangerous player in transition and if he improves his shot from distance and decision making.. he could go really far. 

Tristan Tsalikis-Vouktsevits (PF | 211 cm | ‘03) ~ Real Madrid

Tristan could be, in my opinion, in conversations for the All Tournament Five on this tournament. He played a good tournament, even though the shots from distance weren’t falling in. He was 0/10 from three point range but showed a consistent shot from the free throw line with 24/29 (82.8%) which is very good for this level and his size. He showed some good touch around the rim, ran the floor really well – scored some easy points in transition. He has great length but needs to put on more muscle and become tougher. Also missed more energy and poise from him on the court. His legs in defense have improved but still not on the highest level but can contest the shots pretty well with his length. Wasn’t protecting the rim the best during the tournament but showed some rim protection ability in the finals vs Stellazzura where he blocked 4 shots.

Eli John Ndiaye (C | 203 cm | ‘04) ~ Real Madrid

One of the youngest players on the tournament but was great and consistent on all matches. Averaged 16.5 pgp and 7.8 rpg. Great athletic abilities. Strong body, long arms, explosive, very good leap and speed, runs the floor very good.. Efficient finisher around the rim, absorbs the contact well. In defense his legs are very good and he can switch into guard and cover them pretty good. Has great instincts for rebounds and protected the rim solidly. In offense his shots from distance is still in development, technique is not the best but I think he can become a legit mid range shooter over the years. Showed some good reads and court vision in offense too.   

Ariel Hukporti (C | 213 cm | ‘02) ~ Porsche Ludwigsburg

One of the biggest prospects of the tournament here in Munich but unfortunately injured himself soon in the second match and played only one match. He was dominating on both ends vs Alba on his only match but truth to be told, Alba had no real match up for him and better evaluation would be possible against some other teams. But anyhow, Ariel showed great energy and was present in the game from the first minute on. Great body and length combined with good athleticism. His shoot is improving – added three point range to his game too. Protected the rim well and showed some good legs on perimeter too. But as said, sample size from this tournament is small so further evaluation is needed for a better take on him. 

Lefteris Mantzoukas (SF/PF | 207 cm | ‘03) ~ Promitheas Patras

Statistically the most dominant player of the tournament. Averaged 32.0 ppg with 12.8 rpb. Against Alba he had a monster game with 49 points and 19 rebounds and his PIR on that match was 65 – only two players had a better performance on one match in ANGT history (Nikola Mirotić PIR 84 vs FMP in 2009 and Dragan Bender PIR 66 vs Virtus in 2014). Good size and mobility for a wing. Has good motor. Good penetrator, his long strides and good footwork enable him to get to the rim. Uses his body for protection and has ability to draw fouls and get to the free throw line – was very good at the FT line with 45/51 (88.2%) during the tournament. His technical skill set isn’t on the highest level, especially needs to improve his handles and also fix his shooting technique to become a better shooter from the 3pt range. In defense there is still a lot of room for improvement in his lateral reactions and also in reading the offensive player. 

Igor Milicic (SF/PF | 205cm | ‘02) ~ Ratiopharm Ulm

Impressive pace of development regarding that Igor Milicic Jr didn’t even make the final cut for the tournament last season. Son of Anwil Wloclawek head coach maybe didn’t dominate the tournament but still it was his international breakout performance. However it can’t be a surprise for those following german NBBL where he emerged as a real force and quickly became integral part of Orange Academy in very challenging competition for U18 player like Pro B. Polish Croatian prospect is a sized small forward who can get to the rim and many guards can be jealous of his adept ball handling skills or non dunk situational finishes for someone standing around 6’9 in shoes. Fairly athletic, with nice fluidity, can speed up the offense or go coast to coast after grabbing the rebounds which he excels in. Shot looks correct with high release point and despite the fact that he looks to drive it can definitely become dependable in short future. What may be the most attractive about Igor is how much room for improvement he has given being late bloomer. He just stopped growing, became way more explosive, improved his coordination which allows him to feel his body better and that can be huge advantage once his frame fills out. He is still transitioning to the go to guy role, could attack more to the left, has occasional issues with defending smaller players but he looked every bit of Top 30 prospect caliber given his length, versatility, fundamentals and having something special which is hard to define to his game.

Juan Nunez (PG | 190cm | ‘04) ~ Real Madrid

Named the MVP of the tournament despite being two years younger that the competition. The next best Spanish PG possess full bag of tricks, creativity and top notch playmaking skills. Super crafty lefty playmaker sports quite strong upper body frame, low gravity center, finishing touch and excellent pace shifting which makes it super hard to defend his drives. Terrific ball handling and in general every aspect of individual technique. Oozes with passing ability, you have to be ready to catch the ball in the least expected moment and spot if you play with him when and where almost noone else could try and deliver the ball. Potentially a pick and roll virtuoso who could perhaps already hold his own at times while competing vs players like Facundo Campazzo at Real Madrid acb team practises. For wonder kid his A/To numbers are still not amazing (had some disappointing moments vs big pressure or double teams) but playing vs older competition explains it a bit. He may not grow more, need to improve the right hand but definitely possess something that you can’t teach to 99.9% of players which ultimately with further development can allow him to translate his genius for every level.

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