First 2003 Ranking


While show was definitely stolen by 2004 prodigy Victor Wembanyama there is still enough depth in frontcourt of 2003 generation. Ivisic twins are definitely the one to follow moving forward for NBA scouts. We had a chance to evaluate them already last year at U15 Siskauskas Cup in Kaunas. Different style which helps them to team up. One more skilled (Zvonimir), other can stretch it more and has better mobility (Tomislav). We also have to highlight Iaroslav Niagu who was somewhat discovery of the tournament. 6’11 Russian big man impressed in Udine with his iq and passing skills. 

But surefire NBA prospects who occupy 1st and 2nd spots are two players with African descent Yannick Nzosa (ridiculous switchability at 6’11 + warrior mindset) and Adem Bona (raw energy big with Turkish passport in Clint Capela mode). 


B division gathered even more interesting big wings or comboforwards than A. Jeremy Sochan may be the best Polish prospect in a while and possess highly intriguing mix of physical tools, passing and overall two way potential. We will see how his development in elite high school in USA goes. In Europe he would be special but once he established himself in America he still may be Top 50 caliber recruit. 

Gustav Knudsen keeps progressing and similarly to Sochan displays rare instincts and abilities in his game for someone who stayed in below average development system that long. He finally is taking his talents to Spain and Zaragoza seems great fit as transition to Real or Barca wouldn’t have to be smooth. 

Also Andrija Grbovic is on the same level. Ulm product can pull up from all over the perimeter, plays aggressively and displays killer instinct. 

They may have higher upside than early bloomers who excelled in Udine like Armel Traore or Eleftherios Mantzoukas


Italy hosted the championship. Overall their team was not amazing but backcourt duo definitely stood out. Matteo Spagnolo was bought out from Stellazzurra for big money by Real Madrid and Davide Casarin will in short future start seeing minutes with Italian champion from Venice not because his father is president of the team but thanks to his maturity and being skillwise beyond his peers. 

Ousmane Dieng was France’s best long term prospect next to Wembanyama. Good size, touch, passing instincts and incredible offensive smoothness.

Golden Spaniards Ruben Dominguez, Toni Naspler and Michael Caicedo all have extremely bright future in ACB but at this point other prospects seem more elite. 


Fedor Zugic (#3, was at workout in US during NT camp + duties with pro Budocnost team)

Gael Bonilla (#4, non Euro)

Tristan Vukcevic (#9, still deciding which NT will play for)

Felipe Motta (#19, choose to play for Brazil)

Pape Sow (#26, non Euro)

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