-6’8’’, decent frame, well-coordinated with a good lateral quickness.
– Impressive vision and ability to deliver the ball. Sees a lot, always with his head up looking for his teammates. His passes are accurate, not obvious and well-timed, starts many fast breaks after a made basket or a missed shot with an outlet pass. Likes using one hand.
– Not afraid to shoot 3s. Usually as a spot up shooter but also tries to create opportunities for himself, uses PnR’s to create space, when contested finds slashing screener with ease.
– Good handles, can beat his defender and drive either way to the basket. Good in transition both leading the way, drawing attention of the defense and as a slasher.
– Decent defensive instincts, rotates, goes after rebounds, fights and boxes out even bigger opponents, not afraid to sacrifice his body and take a charge. Quick on his feet, able to keep opponents in front of him and poke the ball away. Gets back on defense quickly, occasionally getting a chase down block.
– Always engaged, supports his team on the court as well as on the bench. Vocal.

– Not a consistent shooter, takes way too many 3 point shots and has a questionable decision making in this regard. Needs to work and adjust his shooting form, has a tendency of air- balling long distance shots.
– Sees the plays develop but sometimes late with execution.
– Needs to work on securing the ball a bit better, loses it when guarded tight, under pressure.

It wasn’t the best showcase of Luc Van Slooten’s talent at FIBA U16 tournament, averaging 10.6pts, 5.9rebs, 2ast a game, and shooting poorly; FG-29% and 3PTS-27.9%. Regardless of poor percentages, Luc well demonstrated his understanding of the game, court awareness and effective passing skills. Needs to re-think his shot selections and decision making on offense as well as work on his shot.


– Stands at 6’8’’- combo forward with wide shoulders, nice mobility and lateral quickness.
– Very versatile on offense, able to play both forward positions. Operates well in the post, gets deep in the paint and plays back to the basket using many fakes, fast spins and baby hooks using either hand. Fights, able to grab an odd offensive rebound.
– Aggressive with the ball, plays well in isolation, nice first step, gets past his defender, goes hard and finishes with lay ups, floaters or above the rim. Not afraid, able to finish through contact and in traffic. – – Has a very good understanding of the game, smart, reads the defense, draws attention and passes to open teammates. Can play PnR both as a screener and ball handler.
– Runs the floor fast, with and without the ball, can go coast to coast. Always with his head up aware of slashing teammates, delivering the ball with nice bounce passes. Good vision, able to throw an outlet pass and start the break.
– Confident, delivers points in important moments, not afraid to take big shots, clutch performer.
– Solid 1vs1 defender, keeps the strong base, good positioning, boxes out and grabs a lot of rebounds. Plays well as a second line defender able to close the gaps, help his teammates and protect the rim.

– Not very active without the ball on the perimeter, stands and looks what his teammates are doing, sometimes compromising the spacing.
– Jumps to pump fakes regularly, hunts for blocks, leaves his feet too often.
– Sometimes asleep and disoriented on defense, not aggressive, forgets to close out, help and rotate accordingly.
– Needs to take better care off the ball (TO-2.9) especially in transition, his handles are stiff and need some polishing.
– Not a reliable shooter, doesn’t convert at high clip even though his shooting form looks okay, struggles from the 3 point line – 16.7%, slow release. Not impressive 61.4% from FT line.

Roko Prkacin was the MVP of this year’s U16 European Championship tournament and finished 1 st with Croatia. He averaged an imposing 18.6pts, 10.9rebs, 3.7ast and 2bs, showcasing his understanding for the game, versatility on the offense, great vision and rebounding skills. Very impressive prospect with a lot of physical tools and potential to improve his shot and defensive game.


– 6’9’’ – well coordinated, mobile athletic power forward with long arms, great footwork and base.
– Very solid back to the basket game, with a nice repertoire of moves and impressive footwork. Demands the ball in the paint, always wide on his legs keeping the strong base, uses a variety of very fast spins, many different fakes, likes using hooks shots, able to finish with either hand and through contact. Can play face up and pull up a jumper or drive to the rack with one or two dribbles.
– Great offensive rebounder, creates a lot of second chance opportunities for his team. Knows where to be, battles, always crashes the glass, grabs the boards in traffic, leaps fast around boxing out opponents.
– Moves well without the ball, sets solid screens on the PnR, very wide on his legs, makes it hard for defenders to go around.
– Runs the floor well, accelerates fast, runs transitions smoothly.
– Has good defensive instincts, moves well, stays light on his feet, and effectively closes gaps. Does well on the switch, able to keep the opponents in front of him, plays smart, contests shots with his hands up and bothers people with his reach. Nice defender in the post, again wide on his legs keeping a strong base, always finds a body to box out. Knows his opponents, gives space to bad shooters and stays close to players with more respectable stroke.

– Slim body, thin shoulders, may be unable to put more weight on his frame. Long neck and low shoulders – plays shorter than indicated by his height. Will struggle against bigger opponents.
– Has no outside game, not a best passer, uncomfortable dribbling in open court. Short range, not confident with his jumper, awkward three point shot with a very slow release, need a lot of room to pull up. Poor FT shooter – 54.8%.
– Not the best shot blocker nor a rim protector.

Moussa Diabate presented himself as a great rebounder, grabbing on average 10.3rebs – 5.3oreb and 5dreb, in 25.8 minutes a game. He is definitely a player that could get a double-double every night, with his amazing feel for rebounds, nice skillset and ability move quickly in the post. May struggle to put more muscle on his frame- ectomorph body, and compete on the higher levels. Needs to work on dribbles, shot and his outside game in general.


– 6’8’’ frame with wide shoulders, nicely developed body, and decent lateral quickness. Fast in the open court, plays actively both forward positions but looks better on the perimeter- inside outside threat. – – — Smart two-way player that always gives 100%, has a very good feel for the game.
– Versatile on offense, plays back to the basket well, knows how to get into good position. Uses smart moves countering defensive rotation, patient, waits for help or a double team and gives the ball back, good vision. Fights for offensive rebounds. Plays PnR both as a screener, rolling to the rim fast or as a ball handler running the play, can drive both left and right.
– Able to beat his defender off the dribble, pull up a jumper or drive strong all the way to the basket and convert through contact. Great spot up shooter with nice mechanics, moves without the ball, uses screens to get open.
– Aggressive in transition, both with and without the ball, dribbles the ball with confidence, always with head up seeing the play develop. Aware of the shot clock.
– Good 1vs1 defender, puts pressure on the ball, always adjusts his position and stays light on legs, able to recover and challenge the shot at the rim when beaten off the dribble. Stays active in rotation helping his teammates, defends tight. Able to fight bigger players in the post and defend effectively. Always closes out aggressively on shooters., communicates on defense.

– Tries to break through slumps by forcing bad shots, now and then drives recklessly losing the ball in the fast pace. Occasionally gets an unnecessary foul by defending too much with his hands.
– Struggles badly with his free throws (51.5%) even though his a very good shooter from the three point line.
– Has a tendency of taking high risk low reward passes.

In the tournament, Hector Alderete was selected as an All-star, alongside his teammate Usman Garuba. He averaged 14pts, 5.1rebs and 1.7ast showcasing his versatility on both ends of the floor, defending both in the post and on the perimeter, beating defenders with his dribbles and stretching the floor with his shot. Urgently needs to improve his FT shot. Shouldn’t have any problems in transition to the next level.


– Already has a frontcourt frame – 6’11’’ with wide shoulders and long arms. Mobile for his size and age, runs the floor fairly well. Left-handed.
– Tries to make himself available in the post, likes using hooks, finishes softly under the rim with lay ups but can also throw down a dunk. Crashes offensive glass, positions himself well, fights for rebounds, goes after 50/50 balls.
– Uses length to his advantage in double team situations usually holding the ball high in the air. Good vision, sees slashing teammates and shooters on the weak side.
– Does well in PnR, seals well with his big body, defenders struggle to get through his screens, rolls well and goes to the basket. Runs fast in open court, getting on transition quickly, effective rim runner.
– Vocal on defense, giving instructions to his teammates from behind.
– Solid defender in the post, always bothering people and contesting shots, decent second line defender. Covers a lot of ground with his size, reach and wingspan.

– Needs to bulk up, improve his lower body strength and work on his footwork. His post moves are slow, gets pushed around and struggles to get into position against physical defenders.
– Doesn’t have a strong base and lacks aggressiveness, usually not able to finish through contact. He is occasionally having problems catching the ball.
– Has a tendency of panicking when defense is closing out aggressively, and taking awkward shots.
– Slow footed on defense, can be exploited on switches. Sometimes late with help and rotation, commits unnecessary fouls. Slowly gets back on defense, lacks effort.
– Doesn’t have a range to stretch the floor, not a reliable FT shooter – 59.4%.

It wasn’t the best tournament for Ariel Huporti as he didn’t have a lot of impact while playing only for 17.4 minutes a game. Averaged 9.6pts, 5.9rebs and 1.1bs. With his impressive size, good mobility and quickness should be more dominant in the paint, and at the moment he sometimes struggled against
smaller peers. Needs to work on his shooting form, lower body strength and expand his offensive repertoire.


– 6’5’’ tall, very fast in the open court and on his legs in defense, nice vertical. Very complete player, puts a lot of effort on both ends off the floor. Has a very good understanding of the game, high IQ
– Dangerous with the ball, challenges opponents 1on1- quick first step, able to beat his defender off the dribble and penetrate the defense. Fearlessly drives to the rack, plays through contact, finishes with soft lay ups, can use either hand. Nice shooting mechanics, able to shot off the dribble and play as a spot up shooter-moves without the ball, uses screens to get into position or slashes to the rim. Very impressive 3 point shooter -42.9% and very solid 78.9% from FT line.
– Utilizes PnR’s well, with nicely developed handles, sees gaps on defense, always looks for open teammates delivering the ball precisely with either hand or bounce passes. Doesn’t panic when double teamed. Unselfish, patient with the ball, aware of the time.
– Very fast in the open court, runs transition and cuts to the basket. Able to finish with strong dunks and alley ups
– Good defensive instincts. Gets back on defense quickly, does well guarding a 1on1, quick on his feet, fights, puts constant pressure on opponents, contests shots and rotates accordingly.

– Struggles guarding stronger opponents on the perimeter, gets pushed out the way. Weak, needs to improve his strength.
– Not a consistent scorer, doesn’t play in isolation, having trouble to create shot opportunities for himself, prefers to use screens.
– Streaky shooter, tends to disappear on offense, has hot and cold moments, not able to keep the continuity in his scoring.

Pau Tendero is a very competent two-way player, putting a lot of effort into everything he does. He has shown a lot of offensive potential even though he was playing as a third option and sometimes coming off the bench. Needs to bulk up in order to compete on the next level, he is feisty but will struggle against stronger opponents. He averaged fair 10.7pts, 2.3rebs and 2.4ast and finished second with Spain in the tournament.


– 6’8’’ – Solid frame, already has a muscular body, long arms, big hands. Very good mobility, coordination and vertical.
– Fights in the post, not afraid of contact – bruiser, has great footwork, knows how to get into position and post up as well as snatch an offensive rebound. Demands the ball in the post, scores in traffic, draws fouls. Utilizes a variety of post moves, very fast spins, fakes, floaters, hooks and fadeaways.
– Dangerous in transition, can lead the break and dribbles with his head up, passes to slashing guards or goes all the way to the basket. Often drives coast to coast.
– Operates well on a PnR as a screener, seals defenders, spins fast or slashes to the basket. Can also pop up and pull up a jumper.
– Good vision and court awareness, unselfish, when double teamed constantly finds open shooters on the weak side. Sees slashing teammates and delivers the ball with bounce passes.
– Decent shot mechanics, shoots jumpers from the FT line area, can stretch the floor with a three pointer or beat his defender off the dribble, drive to the rim and finish strong.
– Physical 1 on 1 defender with a solid base in the post, on the perimeter, stays active and keeps opponents in front of him. Good second line defender with an impressive timing for help and blocks, closes gaps effectively, rotates and contests shots with effort, stays light on his legs. Disruptive on defense, high motor, gets his hands on the ball, grabs many steals and starts fast breaks, fights for 50/50’s.

– Bites on pump fakes, often commits unnecessary fouls, looking for highlight blocks instead of focusing on sound positional defense.
– Not the best shot selection.
– Sometimes overly aggressive, has a tendency of recklessly driving into the traffic and turning the ball over. His dribbles are rather shaky, occasionally losing his handles in transition or when trying to get past his defender.
– Sometimes may struggle to defend bigger players, losing his position and fouling.
– Needs to work on his outside shot, averaged 26.7% from beyond the arc.

Usman Garuba had a very successful tournament, finishing 2 nd with Spain, being selected to All-Star team and taking a silver medal home. Averaging 16.3pts and 12.3rebs in only 24 minutes, he proved his dominance in the paint area with physicality as well as skill, double-double machine. His overall awareness and understanding of the game will help with transition to the next level. Should develop into a very solid option on forward position but needs to improve his outside shot.

Photo: FIBA