Recap: Szent Istvan Basketball Cup

Last weekend we attanded Szent Istvan Basketball Cup. U16 tournament in Szekesfehervar, Hungary built strong reputation over the years and is currently one of the most interesting club events in Europe especially in this age group. Below scouting of 5 best talents and overview of rest notable players who participated in SZIK2018.

MIHAILO MUSIKIC (SERBIA, MEgA LEKS, 2002, 210CM) – Standing at 6’11, Mihailo is kind of do it all Center. His overall skillset, tools and aggressiveness are truly amazing combination. He actually likes to get physical and is very consistent with his competitiveness. Has soft hands and is willing scorer. Can score either with his back and face to the basket where he can attack with solid change of directions and body control. Post defense and passing are at least acceptable for standards of his position. Handles and stretching distance he provides are another added value to his assets. On the other hand he has a bad tendency to fade away while taking the shot even in standstill situations from the FT line. Coordination and explosiveness are still subjects to improve. Moreover he could get more mature emotionally to fully control his behaviour. Anyway he is easy to categorize as potential Draft prospect at this point.

PAU TENDERO (SPAIN, BARCELONA, 2002, 193cm) – Spanish prospect was recently evaluated by our Catalunyan contributor Eric Castro Gonzalez here. My first look at Pau was a bit unfortunate as the game wasn’t his best showing ever and moreover he twisted an ankle early in the second match. However I really did like what I saw. Tendero possess absolutely phenomenal athleticism for European player. He has superior speed and power in his legs. Can slash every defense to death in his age group. You also got to like his fearless borderline reckless attitude while getting to the rim. Even though he moves at unmatched pace he is able to slow his body down and control the moves when necessary. Generally he feeds from his physicality in many aspects of the game. It is extremely hard to deny him off the ball, provides much more above average rebounding contribution and can really be a problem on defense when he digs in. Besides shooting skills raise him to elite level as a prospect. It’s still not 100% pure and he creates space to get it off mostly thanks to speed and good balance instead of advanced handles but there is still not that much great slashers with sweet stroke. He can survive with current height on the high level but 1-2 inches more could definitely make a difference especially regarding NBA chances which he definitely shouldn’t be deprived of. Not a point guard by born, will probably be tried on scoring PG position next years but I am not sold on whether this transition can go smoothly. Kinda still figuring out the way how to use his assets best way possible and help the team at the same time.

FILIP SIEWRUK (POLAND, BARCELONA 2002, 203CM) – Polish prospect in Barcelona was really brilliant most of the time. He was the one who shown the best determination in the team and was even clutch. Seems like he found his offensive flow again as he was never affraid to use his craftiness on this end of the floor. Beside great spot up efficiency and ability to play one on one Filip has a really good nose for finding open lanes without the ball in his hands. Also only positive things can be told about his attitude which was consistent and he remained fully engaged the whole time on the court. However biggest positive surprise was defense. Filip seems to have really promising lateral agility considering he is not the standout athlete. He was sitting in good stance, staying ready and kept in front most of the penetration attempts even after switching 10-15cm smaller wings/guards with decent quickness. Downside was maybe selection but this is something you have to deal with having a player who needs some attacking freedom and whose overall contributions makes up for those mistakes.

BORIS TISMA (CROATIA, REAL MADRID, 2002, 202CM) – Smooth operator. In as physically imposing team as it’s possible in this age group Boris stands out as the best long term prospect in Real Madrid. He also has intriguing body and tools but it will take some time until he reaches full development which is good thing considering in how big degree Boris is already able to contribute. He is poised and smart player who can get aggressive and score but likes to involve his teammates in offense even more. Hard not to be impressed by this versitality offered from 6’8 point forward who has catch & shot sets run for him and operates as pick & roll ball handler where he dishes the ball with creativity. Moreover has polished pump fake and solid first step combined with footwork and body control which helps him to excel also in fastbreaks. In general displays very mature attitude and playing style. Rarely gets too excited, has great concentration and enough competitiveness to be even more intriguing.

LUKA PAUNOVIC (SERBIA, MEGA LEKS, 2002, 195CM) – Good athlete who already reached nice positional size for SG at 6’5. Super energetic player who can be a nightmare once he gets into attacking mode. His very good explosiveness allow him to get to the paint at will. Not selfish at all – doesn’t get tunnel vision and kicks the ball out nicely. Looks always ready to try isolation or gain an advantage in transition by outrunning the opponents. What is more important can be considered two way player given good effort and foot speed. Like majority of Serbian prospects displays notable degree of toughness. Seems developable as pick and roll ball handler. Needs to work on his shooting skills to have more repeatable mechanics especially off the dribble.


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