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Prospect Focus: Aleksander Balcerowski

CONTEXT Olek Balcerowski is one of the most talented bigs from 2000 generation in Europe and worldwide. He is a hope of basketball community in Poland to replace one day in the NBA Marcin Gortat who may be about to retire, as besides Lukasz Kolenda there is no other legitimate long shot candidates to fill [...]

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Kaunas AdidasNGT: NBA Prospects

After attending third qualifier of Adidas Next Generation Tournament, this time in Lithuania, we continue our series of evaluating the prospects who may have a serious shot to put their name into NBA Draft consideration next years. Below scouting notes on two the most translatable potentials and rest of the names to follow: YANNICK NZOSA [...]

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Blogging Through Lithuania Part 2

Two months ago in December I took the trip all around the Lithuania during which I saw live and evaluated almost all the best prospects in the country. Unfortunately Rytas vs Dzukija game was postponed due to illnesses of Dzukija based team. However Adidas Next Generation Tournament coincided luckily with LKL schedule so all the [...]

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Scouting Notebook: Olimpija vs Zlatorog Lasko

You don’t have to be an expert to say that youth and winning is very rare combination. You can’t just throw all the best prospect into one organization and win games vs experienced competition. There must be a balance between talented rookies/sophomores veterans and guys in their prime. Olimpija won just 6 from 32 games [...]

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Prospects Focus: Joshua Obiesie

REGIO GAME Last weekend we had a chance to experience kinda unique evaluation setting. Regionalliga game between Schwabing and Vilsbiburg gathered more than 20 scouts in attendance. Number is big but not extraordinary given last reports that Ja Morant had 44 of them last game and duel vs Belmont and Dylan Windler respectively. However German [...]

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Preview: Munich #AdidasNGT

REAL MADRID Roster is an absurd and even if you split it in half and fill with role players, you would still have two frontrunners of the tournament. Winner of last year Munich edition is returning basically all the most important rising stars besides Melvin Pantzar. Moreover few big prospects like: Boris Tisma, Kostantin Kostadinov, [...]

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Recap: NBA Academy Africa Prospects at EYBL U20

European Youth Basketball League U20 group stage tournament in Pecs, Hungary was opportunity to finally watch NBA Africa Academy on our continent after problems they had lately with getting visas for tournaments in Spain, most precisely on Canary Islands and in L’Hospitalet. Most of the players I knew from GBA Invitational in Prague last season, [...]

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Valencia AdidasNGT: NBA Prospects

First qualifier of AdidasNGT is in the books. Outstanding facility, unexpected winner but rather disappointing level of competition. Full three days on such tournament is definitely waste of time for NBA scouts and you can count legitimate prospects for their standards on the fingers of one hand. Anyway below I am presenting my take on [...]

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Reevaluating the potential of Neemias Queta

Often you can hear that scouting is a business of making least mistakes possible. We all make them in life. Key is to make a homework and not to repeat the same ones. Scouting is also heavily experience based business. Talent evaluators are not mistake free people but those who spend life making conclusions about [...]

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Blogging through Lithuania: Scouting Trip Recap

Everyone involved knows how time consuming and also annoying part of scouting job is scheduling trips. If you follow entire market and don’t have one specific target you mostly want to go to tournaments with multiple teams and see as many players as possible. Other prosperous opportunity is heading to minor countries which are basketball [...]

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